The 2023 academic year will see the introduction of scholarships for students of AOMI. Please note that scholarships are only offered to currently enrolled students who meet the criteria as outlined below. The scholarship award is capped per offer at $6000 which equates to $2,000 per full-time study term for a maximum of three full-time study terms.
Scholarship Criteria
  1. An aptitude for online learning
  2. High level of attention to detail, coupled with a strong work ethic
  3. A positive attitude to learning with a demonstrated ability to correct mistakes, and take feedback on board
  4. Submission of exceptional formative and summative assessment tasks showcasing a creative and original flair in their work.

Additional criteria is as follows —

  1. Scholarships are awarded based on merit to current Diploma students of AOMI
  2. Scholarships are limited in number; an applicant may meet the scholarship criteria however, a scholarship may not be awarded
  3. Scholarships are not transferable or “reserved in place” — taking a leave of absence or dropping out of the program of study will forfeit any scholarship offered
  4. Continuation of scholarship award is subject to the student successfully meeting all study requirements including passing all subjects, and adhering to AOMI’s Information Handbook “student conduct” and “attitude to learning”
  5. Should a scholarship recipient fail a subject, the scholarship award is forfeit
  6. If the scholarship is forfeit, the scholarship recipient is liable for all tuition fees and costs of subsequent subjects from that point forward
  7. Scholarship recipients remain liable to pay for all non-tuition items required for study such as software and textbooks
  8. Decisions relating to scholarships are final, and no further correspondence will be entered into

To provide some context, students who are awarded a scholarship for study terms 2, 3 and 4 will not have any “out of pocket” expenses. As such, the cost of tuition will be borne by the VET student loan amount. As an example —

Study Term 1 = $6,000
Study Term 2 = $4,000 [$6,000 less $2,000 scholarship award]
Study Term 3 = $4,000 [$6,000 less $2,000 scholarship award]
Study Term 4 = $4,000 [$6,000 less $2,000 scholarship award]

Total cost of Diploma program for successful scholarship award recipient = $18,000
VET student loan contribution towards fees = $16,000
Out of pocket expense for student = $2,000

Nationally Recognised and Accredited Training

AOMI’s programs of study are nationally recognised and accredited. RTO Number 41137.

Fee Overview

Unlike other education providers, AOMI doesn’t charge a student services fee or application fee. All course fees listed above are in Australian dollars and are GST free however. Please note the above prices are for Australian domestic students

How to enrol...

  1. Fill out enrolment form
  2. Supply a copy of your birth certificate
  3. Submit via email to


Diploma of Music - sound production
Diploma of Music - creation, composition and sound production

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