Diploma of Music Industry

Diploma of Music Industry

Composition & Sound Production

The Diploma of Music Industry delivered by AOMI is tailored towards contemporary music composition and production with an emphasis on working within a DAW (digital audio workstation) environment.

Students examine the art and craft of contemporary music composition and production, sound design and signal processing, mixing, signal flow, advanced audio and MIDI editing operations, digital audio theory and fundamentals, synthesis and sampling, and much more.

Students are also exposed to fundamental legal and workplace requirements including copyright, publishing, legislation, contracts and invoicing. The preparation and promotion of marketing materials such as an EPK (electronic press kit) and press releases are also taught and explored as part of the course.


  • BSBCRT501 Originate and Develop Concepts
  • CUACMP511 Manage Copyright Arrangements
  • CUAIND402 Provide Freelance Services
  • CUAPPR505 Establish and Maintain Safe Creative Practice


  • CUAIND401 Extend Expertise in Specialist Creative Fields
  • CUAMCP401 Develop Techniques for Arranging Music [COMPOSITION]
  • CUAMCP402 Develop Techniques for Composing Music [COMPOSITION]
  • CUAMCP501 Compose Music Using Electronic Media [COMPOSITION]
  • CUAMCP502 Compose Music for Screen [COMPOSITION]
  • CUAWRT503 Write About Music [COMPOSITION]
  • CUASOU409 Mix Recorded Music [SOUND PRODUCTION]
  • CUASOU503 Develop Sound Designs [SOUND PRODUCTION]
  • CUASOU506 Create a Final Sound Balance [SOUND PRODUCTION]
  • CUASOU505 Implement Sound Designs [SOUND PRODUCTION]

2020 Full fee = $15,000

  • Fees include equipment and textbooks required for the course.
  • Payment plans are available on request.

We have 4 intakes per year.

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

To apply for entry in the Diploma of Music Industry course at AOMI, a video audition together with a phone/Internet interview is conducted. This is done in order to assess the current musical skills and aptitude to study within an online environment of all applicants.

The audition process is to ensure the student is able to study at a Diploma level and allows AOMI to best assess the applicants potential and advise on the most suitable level of study for the applicant to undertake.

Full-Time study load

  • 1 year duration [4 study terms]
  • 40 weeks of study
  • 25-30 hours per week

Part-Time study load

  • 2 years duration [8 study terms]
  • 80 weeks of study
  • 10-15 hours per week

Nationally Recognised and Accredited Training

AOMI’s programs of study are nationally recognised and accredited. RTO Number 41137.


  • AOMI’s programs of study are tailored to be delivered in an online-only format
  • All students are expected to have access to a recent model computer and a high-speed internet connection
  • All lesson content is delivered online, and supplied resources (i.e. text-books, software etc.) are mailed to the student’s residential address, upon enrolment
  • AOMI’s programs of study are delivered in English and students must have English language proficiency
  • The Cert. IV in Music Industry qualification is aimed at current secondary school age musicians or vocalists (years 9-12) who can dedicate an additional 6-8 hours per week to their current study roster



  • Yamaha MG10XU mixer and USB audio interface
  • RODE M5 stereo condenser microphones [2]
  • Novation “LaunchKEY 25” MIDI keyboard
  • Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro reference headphones
  • 2 x XLR cables


  • AVID Pro Tools 12 [perpetual academic license]
  • PACE iLok3 authorisation key
  • Ableton LIVE 10 lite
  • Harrison Mixbus v5


  • Copyright Council “Copyright and Music” [B137v02]
  • Copyright Council “Copyright and Publishers” [B147]

*Please note supplied equipment and resources are subject to change without notice

  • Recent model computer
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Word processing software such as Microsoft Word or similar

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Students who attain the Diploma of Music Industry qualification from AOMI are well placed within the industry to undertake a range of employment positions including the following:
Professional musician  |  Jingle composer  |  Music and/or record producer  |  Sound designer
Music composer for film, TV and/or gaming  |  Studio operator and/or assistant

How to enrol

  1. Fill out enrolment form
  2. Supply a copy of your birth certificate
  3. Submit via email to enrol@aomi.edu.au


Certificate III in Music Industry

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